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Frequently Asked Questions

When parents ask us a question, we’ll add it to this page. If you’ve a question we haven’t answered, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please visit our Contact page to get in touch.

What is a Gaelscoil?

A Gaelscoil is an Irish-medium primary school.

Classes are taught through Irish, staff converse through Irish and the pupils ability to communicate through Irish is fostered, encouraged and enhanced from the moment they enter the school.

Irish-medium schools are open and welcoming. They assist parents in participating in the life of the school through the Parent’s Association, Irish classes and much more. You do not need to be able to speak Irish to choose a gaelscoil for your child.

Why do parents like me choose a Gaelscoil?

There are many reasons in addition to the excellent education provided. See our video below for more.

What are the additional benefits immersion education provides?

Research has proven immersion education benefits students in many different ways. Children in Irish-medium school achieve higher results in English (and Maths) due to their having higher general language skills. Click on the below image for more

What is a multi-denominational school?

A multi-d school is a school which welcomes all children whatever their religious or cultural background. All beliefs are on an equal footing and this is reflected throughout the school.

I can't speak Irish. Is this a suitable choice for me?

Absolutely! All that’s required is a positive attitude. 96% of parents in our schools have little or no Irish. See our video below for more.

What supports are provided to children with Special Needs?

We are driven to ensure children in our schools receive the best education based on their individual talents and abilities. Total early immersion is recognised as the most successful model for children/pupils with special needs. Our schools receive the exact same supports for students as other schools such as SNA provision, resource teaching hours and specialised education units. Due to huge demand, many of our schools have opened special classes (formerly known as Special Education Units) and cater for a variety of needs such as autism or reading. See the below video for more.
Comprehensive information is available at:

If my child is taught through Irish, how does this effect his/her English language development?

Research has proven immersion education benefits the development of the English Language. Children in Irish-medium school achieve higher results in English (and Maths) due to their having higher general language skills.

What about multi-lingualism? What 3rd language?

Our multi-lingual programme, based on a renowned international model called ‘CLIL’ (Content Language Integrated Learning). Ireland needs a multilingual workforce, in view of Brexit more than ever. An Foras Pátrúnachta are industry leaders in education in this area with 100% of our schools already successfully implementing the full-immersion education model. It is an extremely successful method used across Europe and beyond for language acquisition in several languages together.

What is immersion education?

Comprehensive studies (MET, 1998) have found that the most effective method of acquiring a language is through immersion.

This is the system used in all schools under An Foras Pátrúnachta.

Immersion means that every subject is taught through Irish and that all business and communication in the school is conducted through Irish. In this manner every aspect of the language is absorbed resulting in the student being able to understand and speak the language in a shorter time frame.

English as a subject is not taught until the second term of Senior Infants. Research has found that students in the immersion system attain greater levels in reading and writing in both English and Irish than the national average (Ó hAiniféin,
(2007), Cloud, Genesee & Hamayan (2000).

Objectives of Irish Medium Education?

1. To provide education of the highest standard to our pupils.

2. To foster and develop all children in a holistic manner.

3. To promote Irish language & Culture by praise and encouragement.

How do I enrol my child?

Parents are asked to vote for An Foras Pátrúnachta now at Registration for the schools will begin once we have been named as patron for the new school. To do that, we need to demonstrate the demand to the Department of Education via the above voting process until 15.01.19. Spreading the word to other parents locally is essential.